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We are working on some cool updates, but we are taking our time. The next big content update is the Allies Update, and we want to make sure it's as good as we can make it. Thank you for being patient as we do our research to bring you some really cool stuff!

Trickshot Dev Log

Darkitect aOWNER posted Mar 5, 19

Trickshot now has a development log! No big paragraphs about what we've already done, this one is more for what's happening behind the scenes at any given time. If you have a Twitter, follow us at @TrickshotDev.

This is really exciting because we do like you to be informed about upcoming features and new developments. It's a chance for you to voice your thoughts by replying directly to tweets. This log will serve as a stream of consciousness from everyone involved in the development of new features, bug fixes, and more! If you want to get the jump on the latest and greatest Trickshot has to offer, and be in-the-know about everything that is to come, you'll definitely want to subscribe to get these updates.

A big shoutout to one of our members, Darkstar1592, for building an awesome plugin that lets me tweet directly from the server so I can save a little time.

Some updates are big, some are small. The upcoming Allies Update will be on the smaller side when the new content is released, but it's still significant. I've decided to release some fixes and new features as I make them. Specifically fixes and features to existing allies. Here's what's already been done:

  • Allies now remain loyal after reboot
  • Allies now remember to stay put after chunk reload
  • Allies now more reliably seek out hostile targets
  • Allies now less prone to crowding and pushing their master
  • Allies now warn master when below 25% health, and subsequently avoid combat
  • Messages now more clear on what Ally has died, for players that travel with many
  • Allies will give a small amount of vanilla exp to their master when they make a kill

New content for the Allies Update is scheduled to be released near the end of March.

Allies now remain loyal after reboot, I finally figured it out! Now we focus on making them smarter and more useful!

Isn't it nice when things are just easier?

Introducing the Quality of Life Update!

From getting around easier, to crafting and inventory tweaks. Today we bring you a tiny update with just a little bit of content that can make a big difference in how you play. Check out the details on our wiki!

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